September 2012


Well I have managed to get the website back up and running again with help from Colin. Thanks a lot Col.

The site site was hacked into last week….really really frustrating as it takes a lot of effort and hard work to get things back to normal. If the site looks a little different and some things have changed its just that the site was not backed up and therefore all had to be added again from scratch!

Anyway not to worry, hopefully all will be well now.

Business has been quite quiet over the last few months, I have had a few commissions which have been great and I hope everyone on the receiving end is happy with my efforts with regards to their individual projects, it looks like I will have to get alternative employment to make ends meet so if there are delays to items in the future that will be the reason.

The seasons are changing again in the Eden valley, it has started to get a bit colder and as they say “the nights are fair drawing in”…..but hey ho that in the natural order of things I guess.

Anyway hope you have a happy and peaceful Autumn and I will update you all again soon.


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