Category: Wall Plaques

A selection of hand crafted wall plaques. If you have any ideas for a personalized wall-plaque then please let me know and I will try to craft this for you.


“The Moon Fairy Wall Plaque” £80 +p&p Ref: WP105

This piece is made from four separate pieces of spalted Ash. It was a challenge to make but the end result was worth it I think! It looks great on the wall.

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“The Triple Spiral Wall Plaque” £25 +p&p Ref: WP102

I just really like the Celtic design of this wall plaque and it looks great on the wall. Read More »


“The Chinese Wall Plaque” £25 +p&p Ref: WP101

I just really like this design and it looks great on a wall! It does have a link to a meaning in Chinese……can you find out what it is?

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“The Asian Wall Plaque” £30 +p&p Ref: WP103

I’m not sure why but this piece conjures up images of Asia, I love it!

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