Category: Tea Lights


“The Compass Rose Tea-Light” £25 +p&p Ref: TL105

You won’t get lost with this tea-light! It can of course be orientated to mirror the ‘actual’ points on the compass.

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“The Round Tea-Light” £30 + p&p Ref: T14

Part of the 3D collection this round tea-light is cut from Elm and finished with Danish Oil.

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“The Triple Spiral Tea-Light” £25 +p&p Ref: TL104

This tea-light has a distinctive Celtic feel to it. The graining in the wood sets this design off well.

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“The Compass Point Star Tea-Light” £25 +p&p Ref: TL102

I like the clean geometrical lines and sharp points of this tea-light.

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The Ying & Yang Tea-light – £25 + p&p

I have always liked the shape and symbolism of the Ying and Yang and wanted to see how Ash and Elm would contrast in the making of the symbol……I think it works well.

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The Octagon Tea-Light – £35 + p&p

Remember I mentioned being obsessed with shapes? Well, here is an outcome of that obsession.

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