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“The Fairy Tree Clock” £45 +p&p Ref: CL125

This is an interesting piece…..can you spot the 3 fairies?

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“The Fairy Love Clock” £45 +p&p Ref: CL116

I just like cutting these fairies. I think it is just that I like the intricacies of cutting the details of the fairies and particularly ensuring that wings and features look good!

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“The Dragon Clock” £45 +p&p Ref: CL115

I think this piece captures the mysticism of the Orient.

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“The Croglin Vampire Clock” £55 +p&p Ref: CL114

This is a bit of fun! I don’t know if you know the story of the Croglin Vampire? If you don’t, its worthy of reading a bit more about it. This was created in celebration of that story.

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“The Eagle Clock” £25 +p&p Ref: CL112

This piece captures the power and strength of the Eagle.

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“The Time in Bottle Clock” £45 +p&p Ref: CL110

This is a timeless piece! I love its simplicity and yet it has a knack of firing up your imagination!

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“The Stag Clock” £35 +p&p Ref: CL109

I like this design as it seems to capture the both the strength and vulnerability of the stag. Read More »


“The Pioneer Cart” £45 +p&p Ref: CL108

I really liked this pattern when I saw it. It sparks my imagination and gets me thinking of what those times might have been like. This is an interesting cutting as it is one of those that needs to be looked at from the right angle!

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“The Leprechaun Clock” £25 +p&p Ref: CL107

This one was inspired by ‘Paddy’s Day’ 2012, it’s fun and appropriate for the day that’s in it!

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“The Smart A**” £25 +p&p Ref: CL106

This one is just a bit of fun……I’m sure you get the message, as I am sure you know someone who might qualify!

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