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“The Compass Rose Tea-Light” £25 +p&p Ref: TL105

You won’t get lost with this tea-light! It can of course be orientated to mirror the ‘actual’ points on the compass.

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“The Fairy Castle” £25 +p&p Ref: MS112

This was just cut for a bit of fun, but makes me smile when I look at it……I know don’t ask me why!!

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“The River Table” £150 + p&p Ref: TB102

I saw a table like this a shop for considerably more in price and it did not quite fit what I had in mind so I made this one. It works really well for me.

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“The Wavy Mirror” £110 +p&p Ref: MR101

I like the design of this mirror with its wavy effect and slightly bevelled edges. I have it hanging in my hall and it evokes a lot of comments from visitors.

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“The Moon Fairy Wall Plaque” £80 +p&p Ref: WP105

This piece is made from four separate pieces of spalted Ash. It was a challenge to make but the end result was worth it I think! It looks great on the wall.

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“The Triple Spiral Wall Plaque” £25 +p&p Ref: WP102

I just really like the Celtic design of this wall plaque and it looks great on the wall. Read More »


“The Chinese Wall Plaque” £25 +p&p Ref: WP101

I just really like this design and it looks great on a wall! It does have a link to a meaning in Chinese……can you find out what it is?

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“The Chatterbox Fairy” £35 +p&p Ref: MS111

I don’t know about you but I think this fairy looks like she is giving someone a ‘right talking’ to. But she looks good!

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“The Walking Stick / Umbrella Stand” £65 +p&p Ref: MS110

This stand makes a great holder for your umbrellas or in my case walking sticks. It looks good too!

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“The Boot / Shoe Rack” From £65 +p&p Ref: MS109

These boot ‘n shoe racks are very practical and look great. This one features a cut out of a walking boot at either end, but can easily feature a shoe.

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